Smart Campaign Management

Build, manage & analyze your campaigns across multiple channels and ad formats. Strengthen results with effective use of mobile advertising. Thanks to mediasmart’s predictive algorithms and intuitive platform.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Improve your targeting capabilities. mediasmart’s data-driven algorithms reduce ad fraud & ensure your ads are viewable with impressions that drive meaningful engagements.

# High levels of geolocation precision
# Strong anti-spoofing and anti-fraud tools
# Viewability and optimization in real-time
# Lookalike modeling to increase user base#Mobile-specific attributes for enhanced targeting and reach: connection type, carrier, country, model, manufacturer, OS and more

Audience Management

Audience management helps you to reach relevant users, increases footfall to your store, raises brand awareness and drives incremental conversions. Buying ads at a user-level (full control with personalized messages, retargeting, blacklisting) & creating your own audiences makes advertising more efficient. Thanks to Big data and self-learning algorithms.

# Create and manage your own audiences using location & campaign engagement data
# Sync your own first-party data via console or integrate with your own DMP
# Access audience segments from data providers such as Adsquare, Zeotap, Kochava Collective and Nielsen
# Push audiences from your MMP integrated with mediasmart: Dynamic Appsflyer Audiences

Premium Inventory, Advertising Channels & Ad Formats

Access high-quality, scaled omnichannel advertising inventory from more than 30 SSPs & ad exchanges. Manage your campaigns across Mobile, CTV, OOH, Desktop, Video, Audio, Display, Native and more - all in one platform.